Thank you for visiting our website. We have some exciting news to tell you about the future of Prestyl Energy Group, LLC.

Over the next few months, we will be in the process of remodeling our facilities and adding new equipment to become more efficient in both the manufacturing process as well as becoming more energy efficient thereby saving costs on building our product so that we can pass those savings on to you as the consumer.

We are also restructuring our business to better  serve our customers by eliminating  all Distributors with the exception of our sister company, Infrared Heating Supply, LLC which will be available to process and fulfill all orders.

Part of the restructuring will also include changing the manufacturing process to a “Just in time” format thereby eliminating the need to stock all of the different sizes and voltages. We will have most common sizes available in stock ready to ship.

If you need any information about our products or wish to place an order, please contact Infrared Heating Supply, LLC @ 509-919-1887 or simply send us an email:

You may also contact Prestyl Energy Group @ 509-999-7606 or

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Jon Whitney, CEO