The Hottest Technology in Yoga

Many yoga studios across the nation are upgrading to hot yoga. Prestyl is known for the best hot yoga technology on the market, and is the ideal choice when it comes to enhancing the hot yoga experience.

Prestyl’s Far-infrared heat technology is a far more therapeutic, deeply penetrating, and detoxifying form of heat which expels toxins, heavy metals, and pollutants from the body, providing numerous health benefits.

  • Improves blood circulation as well as healthy muscle relaxation
  • Enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to soft tissue areas
  • Removes accumulated toxins by improving lymph circulation
  • Envelopes participants in a balanced warmth
  • Eliminates extreme temperature differences within the space

Health and safety are assured through Prestyl’s quality technology that will not create harmful eye or skin damage during prolonged exposure.

Balanced Heat Throughout Your Space

Traditional forced air heating systems circulate hot air that eventually rises to the ceiling resulting in an uneven heat distribution throughout the space. This creates a loss of heat as well as higher energy wastes to maintain desired room temperatures. Like the natural heat of the sun, Prestyl’s Far-infrared technology evenly distributes radiant heat throughout the space from the floor to the ceiling, maintaining warmth and comfort.

Prestyl’s heating panels do not heat the air, resulting in a difference between floor and ceiling temperatures within a room that is usually less than 2 degrees. No excessive hot air is stacked at the ceiling, which means there are no unnecessary losses. Since the energy is stored in the space, no extra energy is wasted in an attempt to maintain your desired room temperature.

The images show the differences in heat distribution between forced-air heating systems (Image A), and Prestyl’s Far-infrared heating system (Image B).

With forced-air heating systems, hot air rises to the ceiling resulting in uneven heat distribution throughout the space.

With Prestyl’s Far-infrared technology, warmth is evenly distributed throughout the space, maintaining temperature and comfort.


The Secret Behind Prestyl

The unique thin-film technology used in Prestyl’s heating panels is extremely efficient and reliable, typically providing savings of 15%-50% over traditional heating methods.

The panels contain no dangerous carbon, no heating coils, no fiberglass, no moving parts, no hazardous material, and are entirely eco-friendly.

The heating element is completely sealed, assuring a long life expectancy.

Prestyl’s panel housings are made of 100% recyclable aluminum, which provides for a lightweight and durable design, making our state-of-the-art product efficient and reliable for all heating purposes.

All panels feature a 5 year limited warranty and are maintenance-free!

Product Options and Specs


Panels are available in three sizes, with various images and color options.

Specialized Mounting

Panels can be flush mounted, suspended using chains, fitted into ceiling grid systems, or mounted on the wall.


Prestyl’s systems can be zoned for small or large classes; the systems are easily expanded, as needed in the future. May be transferred and repurposed when relocating.


Prestyl’s panels can be used in studios of any size.