Standard Panels

Prestyl’s Far-infrared heating technology promotes a comfortable and regulated room temperature through releasing far-infrared heat energy into the space.

The heat becomes absorbed by the objects and surfaces within the space, and the stored heat energy is released back into the space overtime, making Prestyl’s Far-infrared heating technology both effective and energy efficient.

  • Carbon-free
  • Zero emissions
  • Low energy consumption
  • Eco-friendly
  • Silent operation
  • Easy installation
  • Contains no hazardous materials
  • Stops and prevents mold
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Maintenance free
  • Tamper proof
  • Fire resistant construction
  • Approved for wall/ceiling mounting
  • Panels operate only in far-infrared spectrum

Prestyl’s panels are constructed from lightweight, high-quality aluminum. Our standard panel options are available in black or white. All of Prestyl’s products are made in the USA, using state of the art proprietary European technology.

Under Desk Panels

Personal Comfort Guaranteed

Prestyl’s PRUD series Under Desk Panels are designed to be very efficient and effective alternatives to common space heaters which are often used by office workers to augment heating systems or overcome air-conditioning problems. The panels are easily mounted under the desktop on inside surfaces of counters, or anywhere heat is needed. The Under Desk Panels feature a simple and effective 4-screw (or pop rivet) mounting method that keeps the AC cord tucked away. Alternative uses for the Under Desk Panels are manufacturing assembly lines, entrance and lobby areas, un-zoned offices, restrooms, retail sales desks, ticket counters, motor homes, campers, parking and valet areas, closet heating, moisture control, frost prevention, etc.

Take Control of Your Comfort

To complement our Under Desk product, Prestyl developed the PRCC-120 easy to operate intensity control unit that simply plugs in-line with the heater. Temperature or “intensity” can be adjusted to an individual’s preference between 100°F (38°C) and 200°F (93°C), by simply rotating a thumbwheel control. The unit features an “on/off” switch as well as two LED indicators, one for power and one indicating the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) cycling times.

  • Proven energy savings of 80%-90%, over traditional plug-in space heaters
  • Gives employees control over their own working environment at a fraction of the cost of traditional plug-in space heaters.
  • With the optional Comfort Controller, the average power used is less than that of a light-bulb (35-265/275 Watts).
  • Will not affect main room thermostat settings (neither during the heating or the cooling season).
  • The warmth is radiated and stored in the floor, wall, and desk area. Overtime, the Far-infrared heat will conduct throughout the work area near the desk.
  • Workers are more comfortable with radiant heat keeping feet and work surfaces warm.

Decorative Panels

For its printed image panels, Prestyl works with a highly experienced printing firm that uses UV cured high-temperature durable inks, creating images that last many years without fading or discoloring.

Decorative panels utilize the same innovative heating technology as Prestyl’s standard panel products, while bringing beautifully printed images of artwork into the space.

Custom Image or Company Logos on Panels

Click below to learn how Prestyl can provide custom printed panels.

The Science Behind Prestyl’s Far-infrared Technology

Prestyl’s panels may be installed in commercial, residential and institutional environments. Installation may be as simple as plugging the panel into a wall outlet (with or without a line‐voltage thermostat), or these may be installed as a system. Panels are available in a variety of voltages (USA and Canada) and power levels.

Prestyl’s housings are constructed from 100% recyclable aluminum. The unique, proprietary design of Prestyl’s panels creates a lightweight, durable product while providing the best possible far‐infrared heat transfer.

Prestyl’s technology is different from traditional convection technologies. Prestyl’s heating is based on the principle of energy storage and emission, not heating the air.

The Far-infrared heat energy travels through the space and is absorbed and stored in the floor, walls, people, and objects within that space. As a result the heat energy is emitted back into the space, creating an overall saturation of far-infrared warmth.

With the heat energy being stored, and because a mass of hot air is not sent to the ceiling or the outside world when a door opens, much less energy is used as compared to traditional methods.

Energy conversion facts

  1. 1 KW of electrical energy produces 3412 BTU’s.
  2. Prestyl, like any other electric heater converts 100% of the electrical energy into heat, but how this heat is used is what sets the product apart from other heating methods.
  3. A baseboard heater for instance also converts a 100% of the electrical energy into heat, yet it is only 25-40% efficient (60-75% are “convection losses”). The exposed coils or elements are subjected to the oxygen in the air, and they have a very short life expectancy. This short life expectancy leads the coils or elements to burn out after 3-5 years of heavy use.
  4. Most heaters, including many baseboard heaters, use fans to operate. A large amount of energy that should be used only to produce heat, is required by these heaters to simply operate the fan mechanisms, creating large amounts of unnecessary energy expenditure.

The Difference

Prestyl’s technology vs. traditional heating systems:

Depending on placement, Prestyl’s technology provides a 15%-45% energy advantage over traditional heating.

Energy efficiency relative to panel placement

With far-infrared energy coming from the ceiling, the result is a dynamic energy efficiency of 80%. This means that 80% of the electrical energy supplied to the heating system is converted into usable heat energy, while only a mere 20% of the energy supplied is “lost”. Most of this “lost energy” is attributed to conduction and convection processes that naturally occur within any space.